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Engler Invest AB is a Swedish family business which owns and operates the popular frozen yogurt chain Yogiboost. We have a long and solid commercial experience of managing, operating and developing international business concepts. We know that customers experiences of our products, service and concept are essential if we are to be customers nr 1 choice for a good taste experience. Therefore, our motto is always try to be a little better today than yesterday.

Our products
Yogiboost offer a large selection of frozen yoghurts, milkshakes and smoothies. With at least 10 delicious flavors of our frozen yogurt and more than 70 tasty toppings the customer´s combination possibilities are almost endless. Unique taste sensations are created by the customer who chooses his ingredients themselves. We also offer an assortment of hot and cold drinks, and a variety of cakes.

Our promises
Ice cream in all its forms is strongly associated with great anticipation, joy, pleasure and not the least reward. To meet customer expectations and needs, we provide a wide range of high quality and good customer service in a creative and warm environment. A place where people can hang out with friends and family, to enjoy a nice time together and a lovely taste experience.

Yogiboost always put customer experience at the center, our frozen yogurt cafés should be clean and fresh, offer high quality ingredients with happy and friendly staff providing the best possible customer service.

Best of all is that you as a customer can decide all the details yourself for a good taste experience. Healthy or less healthy, the choice is yours!

Welcome to Yogiboost – Taste the fun!

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Ludvik Engler Georgsson

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Frozen Yoghurt Milkshakes & Smoothies